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Send Money to a Mobile Wallet in Ghana

MoneyGram offers money transfer service to all mobile money wallets in Ghana

You can send to Ghana mobile money wallets in just a few simple steps.


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How to receive money with MoneyGram online into your mobile money wallet.

Global Network

Give your details to the sender

Tell your loved ones to go to the nearest MoneyGram location or visit Provide them with your details including your full legal name, mobile number (with international dial code) and address. They will have to complete the following steps:

Select "Mobile Wallet" as the receive option when presented

Select "Mobile Wallet" as the receive option when presented

When asked how the funds will be received, they will need to select the "mobile wallet" option. Next steps include providing the amount being sent, how they will pay and finishing the transaction.

Receiver Notification


You will receive a notification** once the funds have been received in your mobile wallet

Why send to mobile money wallets with MoneyGram?



Your money arrives in just minutes*


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Your money is available 24/7 into any mobile money wallet in Ghana



Money is reliably sent into your mobile money wallet

*  Timing of funds availability is subject to compliance with regulatory requirements.
** Assumes receiver has been verified/KYC'd.


Receive your money at any of these mobile money wallets in Ghana.